France delivery of SAS EXTREME


BT Products is the distributor for SAS FORKS and SAS EXTREME in Europe. Barbara from BT Products ( ) worked with an auto recycler in Paris France to understand the auto recycler’s needs.  In cooperation with Bronnenberg BV ( ) the installation and delivery went smoothly.  The SAS EXTREME ELV auto processing excavator attachment fitted to Liebherr 924 Compact excavator successfully fulfilled the operational…

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Container Forks. SAS Forks. 96" wide carriage, 96" long forks, Wheel Loader Forks

Shipping Container Forks Lift Connex Box

Titletown Express, Inc. contacted SAS Forks for a solution to transfer empty shipping containers.  Paul, Manager at Titletown Express, Inc. stated, “For our application the SAS Forks are perfect.  The ability to lift connex boxes on and off our trucks has greatly improved our ability to schedule trucks to meet our customers’ needs.  This also has allowed us to improve our fuel mileage by only moving containers…

when needed with…

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Rock Quarry Equipment Applications

Rock Quarries

Rock Quarry – Marble – Mining – Shoreline Rocks


Fixed width blades: 4″ thick x 8″ wide with replaceable tines.

Machine: Volvo L320 99,000# wheel loader direct pin mount carriage.

Application: Lift 18 ton quarry blocks.

Forks Capacity: 37,000 LBS @ 2′ Load Center.

Special Features: SAS QUARRY FORKS (Forks featured at the top right) have a heel support built into the carriage, immediately behind the elbow of the forged fork….

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Logging Grappler Forks

Lumber Industry

Lifting and moving poles, lumber, pallets, etc.
Specialty Designed SAS FORKSTM with high headache rack to prevent materials from tipping back onto operator.

Warehousing and Material Handling Applications
SAS FORKS are available for nearly any type of Material Handling job. We stock many standard forged pallet forks for forklift applications. We can custom design and manufacture carriage assemblies for most any application. SAS FORKS for most any material handling application or size…

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Manufacturer of Large Steel Dumpsters

Products: Wide stance 16′ SAS FORKS™ and also installed a SAS™ QUICK COUPLER SYSTEM for this Cat wheel loader.

Machine: 3 yard Caterpillar wheel loader.

Application: Moving 8’x25′ Steel Roll Off Dumpsters

Capacity: 12,000 LBS @ 5′ Load Center.

Benefits: The SAS QUICK COUPLER SYSTEM™ enables the operator to switch between the SAS FORKS™ and the bucket in a minute without the operator leaving the cab of the loader.

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SAS Adjustable and Pallet Forks

SAS Forks are available in standard and custom sizes to fit into the construction industry where moving multiple different sizes of materials from pallets, bins, structural components and loose material. Stacking pallets in warehouses as well as loading/unloading of trucks including vans to flatbeds can be done with SAS Adjustable forks. These assemblies can be built with manual or hydraulic fork positioning as well as side shift and rotation.


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Automotive Recycling

15′ SAS FORKSTM reach the rear axle providing safe lift points, not damaging the box, drive shafts, or transfer case. Typical users are auto salvage auctions & late model auto recyclers.

  • Crushing & Side Loading Cars and trucks,
  • Product: 6′ Heavy Duty SAS Crushing Forks


Benefits: Engineered with zero down time goal. Heavy duty carriage construction and solid steel forged blades combine to give you relentless durability.

  • Typical Machine: 2 to 6 yard…
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Custom and Specialty Manufactured Forks

SAS Forks can be designed specifically to your requirements. SAS listens to your needs and supplies you with the exact attachment to fulfill every aspect of your operation. The unit pictured is a one off custom fork carriage for moving multiple bundles of plastic pipe. The length of the pipes required an exceptionally wide carriage and extra fork tines to prevent damage to the pipe material, the light weight material did not require…

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